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Healthy Mouths = Healthy Bodies = Productive Smiles

Oral health is about more than bright smiles. It’s the missing piece of complete health care. Not only do our mouths play a crucial role in our everyday lives but they also hold the key to better overall health. As a dental insurance company, United Concordia Dental employs the people and technologies that help create healthier mouths, healthier employees and a healthier bottom line.

How do you create Productive Smiles?

These days, an estimated 75% of total U.S. health care expenses go toward treating chronic conditions.1 Given that statistic, it’s easy to understand why employers need comprehensive prevention and wellness programs. But even with employers taking a more active role in their employees’ health, there is one piece of the puzzle that’s often neglected — the mouth.

Employees with chronic illnesses miss an additional 450 MILLION DAYS of work per year.2

Their absences cost employers $153 BILLION in productivity.2

Healthier mouths are the key to healthier bodies.

When you take care of your mouth, it will take care of you. Now that research has revealed important connections between certain chronic illnesses and periodontal (gum) disease, we know how poor oral care can negatively affect employees. As illustrated below, the prevalence of both periodontal disease and chronic illness in the U.S. has become all too common in today’s workplace.


Smile for Health®Wellness – the key to healthier employees

To determine if there were a correlation between treatment of and maintenance services for periodontitis, and reduced medical costs for people with certain medical conditions, we partnered in a landmark study with Highmark, Inc., and lead researcher Marjorie Jeffcoat, D.M.D., Professor and Dean Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. The results showed not only dramatic health care savings for employers but also reductions in hospital admissions for employees.8

This discovery led us to create Smile for Health® Wellness, an innovative program that combines improved dental benefits and targeted outreach for better oral health care.

Healthy Savings

Smile for Health®Wellness is a simple addition to any employer's dental plan, designed to lower the lifetime cost of care, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism for those in your workforce with chronic conditions and women who are pregnant. Just a few employees taking full advantage of the program can deliver a maximum return on investment.

ROI for Two Sample Groups Group A Group B
Total members 2,000 100
Program cost per member, per year* $6.00 $6.00
Total annual cost $12,000 $600
Estimated members with covered condition**7 400 20
Annual cost savings per member treated8 $2,850 $2,850
Participants needed for full ROI 5 1

ASO groups see reduced medical claims costs. Fully insured groups realize savings through lower base medical claims experience. *National average premium based on United Concordia’s standard plan design. **Allows for comorbidities. For illustrative purposes only.

Complete Care

United Concordia Dental provides 100% coverage for the periodontal disease treatment and maintenance services offered, including surgical procedures. We are ready to work with any medical care provider, insurer or wellness company to identify and measure the participation of employees with certain chronic conditions and women who are pregnant.

Smile for Health®Wellness also includes targeted email outreach designed to educate and engage members to take control of their oral health and improve their overall wellness.

Chronic conditions include: cerebral vascular disease (stroke), coronary artery disease (heart disease), type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, oral cancer and organ transplants.

Oral Wellness Consultants make it easy for employees to stay healthy and productive

Let’s face it: Dental benefits can be confusing, and your employees may not fully understand that the condition of the mouth can impact the health of the body as a whole. Because of this, we’ve hired a team of experts who are focused on the health of your employees and work to simplify the dental insurance experience.

Learn more about how our Oral Wellness Consultants can help create Productive Smiles.

When people treat oral health as a key piece of their overall health, everyone benefits.

Contact us to learn more about Productive Smiles.

As oral wellness experts, we're committed to providing guidance and support. Contact us today to discover how United Concordia Dental can provide the missing piece of your health care coverage.

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